T40 Lathe - Harvey Tools
T40 Lathe - Harvey Tools
T40 Lathe - Harvey Tools
T40 Lathe - Harvey Tools

TURBO T-60S Wood Lathe

$5,990.00 $4,490.00
The Harvey T-60S Never worry again about whether your lathe can handle what you're about to turn. Ever since we introduced the T-40 Turbo Wood Lathe in the US, some...

Oversized Alloy Spindle Supported by Three Precision Bearings

The spindle of the T-60S is made of premium alloy which is supported by three precision bearings to insure the rigidity of the spindle and providing accurate and consistent performance.

An Industrial Servo Motor Provides Powerful and Consistent Drive

The servo motor features strong and consistent driving power and instant load response. It can overcome overloading during heavy turning operations. The extraordinary speed control maintains the consistent turnings with a 1 microsecond response time.As a turner, you will enjoy the smooth operation !


The remote switch box has a magnetic backing and can be attached to any metallic surface of the lathe, which greatly improves the convenience of starting and stopping the machine.


The lathe tail stock can easily swing 180° and stored out of the way when not needed.

Innovative Design for Turning Oversized Workpieces

The sliding head stock with the extension bed (optional) allows a 35" swing for convenient outboard bowl turning. 

The multiple mounting positions provide more set-ups for various projects.

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