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· The beauty of woodworking is experienced by those who work hard at it and whoconstantly look for inspiration to improve. Using a T-40 enhances the enjoyment andallows you to aspire to new levels. 
· The Harvey T-40 Woodworking Lathe is unique in that it is considered at a 14" (360 mm)swing to be a smaller lathe. However, the T-40 has been designed on the scale of a largelathe in regards to casting size, power and controls. The T-40 incorporates an IndustrialServo Motor, commonly used on metal working lathes for its powerful torque, whichallows the T-40 a greater torque and speed capacity. The raw materials of each part ofthe lathe are all select, premium materials for both aesthetics and practical functions. 
· The body of the T-40 has been painted with a stoving varnish providing a durable,long-lasting finish that offers more resistance against scratches, chipping, wear andfading. Even the logos and nameplate have been upgraded. 
· The fit and finish are engineered and crafted not only for a flawless operation but alsofor an unparalleled personal experience. The T-40 lets you experience the "fine" in finewoodworking.

Power with an Instan Response

· The servo motor is managed by an instant response systemwithin the drive computer which reacts to changes in thetorque placed on it. 
· When turning, the changing torque level is measuredconstantly and the servo motor will speed up or slow down inorder to provide a smooth, consistent operating speed. 
· The servo motor can provide up to 3HP at its peak, anincredible 12.54 Nm (Newton Meters). This means that theT-40 is capable of handling almost any kind of difficult cut.

Consistent Turning Speedanywhere in the Range

· The design of the servo motor and drive system is not onlystrong, but strong along the entire range from 60-4300 RPM. 
· Whether working near the top end or the low end, the systemwill continue to supply enough power to meet your demandwithout the surging that you get with some lathes. 
· This is accomplished through the 2 micro second responsetime which is 100 quicker than many machines. 
· So for truly smooth operating conditions, even at the lowestspeeds, choose the T-40 lathe.

Upgraded Live Center forMore Stability of Workpiece

· The live center is now made of carbon alloy tool steel. 
· With its hardness, resistance to abrasion and ability toretain shapei at increased temperatures, the live centernow offers more stability and accuracy.

Upgraded Handwheel

· The handwheel of the head stock has beenenlarged both in size and length for operator easeand safety.
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