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ALPHA HW110LC-36P 10


10" 2HP Cabinet Table Saw With Cast Iron Table


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Customer Reviews

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M.H. (Rocky Mount, US)
Best Bang for the Buck

What can I say. Harvey thought of everything with this saw! You don’t get a crappy mitre gauge. Comes with a compass mitre gauge which is a nice touch. Easy to assemble and well made

T.C. (Ocean Park, US)
Very Satisfied (so far)

I’ve only run a bit of wood through the tablesaw so far, but after assembly and a little fine tuning, I could not be happier with my purchase. If your in the market for new power tool, I would highly recommend Harvey! Treat yourself

S. (Kissimmee, US)
“Love it ….”

It’s what I need and much more. Everything functional right out of the box with just some adjustments. It looks good and it feels good.

B.H. (Omaha, US)
Good table saw

This is a very good table saw. Fence works really well. Plenty of power for the kind of work that I do. Very accurate once you get it set up.

D.P. (Vacaville, US)
Excellent product and stellar service department

I researched your product for quite a while trying to figure out who made the best product and decided to take a chance h with Harvey. I couldn't be happier with the product and the service. It is the most well-made and accurate table saw I have ever used.

M.F. (Overland Park, US)
ALPHA HW110LC-36P 10" 2HP Cabinet Table Saw

After investigating all the cabinet saws out there I decided to purchase this one. Absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made! Once everything was setup I started using it. It is smooth, can handle all types of wood and does not bog down the 110 voltage. Customer service is fantastic too! My right phenolic table was damaged in shipping and was replaced very quickly. If you buy one I suggest two things. First, get it with the cast iron table for the right side. I wish I had because of the projects I do. Second, order the zero clearance insert with it. But even without those it is an excellent cabinet saw and you won’t go wrong or regret the decision.

D. (Avon Lake, US)
Quality Mindset = Quality Product

Recently retired and enthusiastically engaged in trim carpentry for my own home, I want to get out to my shop this morning, but I owe Mr. Xu and the good folks at Harvey the time to write this review.

I learned about Harvey table saws on YouTube as I studied different brands and their offerings. Beyond the various presenters--who were all positive--the woodworkers' comments were especially confirming of the positive reviews. And then the pricing for my ALPHA HW110LC-36P 10" 2HP seemed sensible in comparison. The overwhelming idea conveyed is that a quality mindset is present at Harvey not only in products but also service, and so I made my choice with confidence and anticipation of receiving my saw off the truck. The driver deserves a shout-out for his courtesy and professionalism.

My saw components arrived on a packet that was impressively packaged with half-inch corrugated cardboard shielding the contents. The parts themselves were boxed with care in smaller boxes at the core of the packet. In particular, the included miter gauge (MG-36) was presented in a package as beautiful as the tool itself. The whole unboxing experience was a joy and in marked contrast to the negative unboxing experiences of some commenters speaking of a particular rival brand.

Three months after that pallet arrived, the table saw is the center of my retirement man cave. COMPETENCE is the theme of the unit. I enjoyed assembling the saw, calibrating it, and polishing the whole thing, not just the table top. By the way, I did add the additional cast-iron table part. The composite table top was moved over to the right and fastened tightly after I drilled a couple of holes in each rail. Harvey could improve here by anticipating the use of the composite table part by including the needed holes. The combination blade that it came with isn't bad either, so I didn't toss it after I replaced it with a dedicated Freud 30 T ripping blade. Using proper technique and appropriate stock, I have not felt the need to use a thin blade. My Grizzly G0860 cyclone dust collector (1.5 HP) adds to the pleasure each time I make cuts on the table saw, and inspection inside the cabinet shows good design with an acceptable minimal amount of sawdust dust remaining. (I always let the Grizzly run for a time after making a cut.) Sometimes, if it is nearby, I attach my Rigid shop vac (with cyclone attachment) to the blade-guard unit for doubling the dust collection. As I swap out the safety-guard for thin rips, each time I appreciate Harvey's thoughtful including a riving knife for my safety. That whole process, by the way, is easy too.

And then the fence. I love the Master Rip T-Square Fence that came with my saw. It's as sturdy as can be and square to the miter grove and blades. (I'm proud of my accomplishment in getting the tape-measure down properly. The instructions are sufficient.) Calibrating the fence is a process that deserves a little time and is important to understanding your machine. Significantly, my Jessem Stock Guides are able to add to my safe operation as they attach easily and effectively to my HI-Lo fence. No need to drill into the fence! YouTube has several presentations on making a simple removable jig (using magnets) for the fence, and that jig-making was fun too. Those stock guides and a variety of push sticks make for safe operation of the saw. And so too does the on-off switch: On with my finger, off with a thigh bump. Don't forget to reinsert the safety pin.

So, have I succeeded in writing an advertisement? Perhaps, but that is as it should be for Harvey in my case. Everybody from those who sent my delivery notifications down to the person who sent me an extra bolt (for that composite table top) deserves a positive review. Thank you, Harvey. I am a proud owner.

C.L. (Cincinnati, US)
Harvey has exceeded my expectations at every turn

I bought the ALPHA HW110LC-36P 10" 2HP Cabinet Table Saw right before Christmas (a sort of Christmas present to myself, I never indulge). Shipping did take a little while, but with the Black Friday sales, and the influx of shipments to all the carriers, it was understandable. I had a paramedic Table Saw from the early-mid 90s I believe and it was under powered, and had none of the current safety features available. In talking to some companies that do aftermarket/custom Upgrades, I I was going to end up spending hundreds if not $1000 to retrofit my old saw. I have four kids that are all wanting to help me from time to time, and that makes safety that much more important! When I started to look at a new saw, I started with Laguna. I was pretty sure I was going to go that route before I ever even started my research. It was beautiful, it had more power, and had a great reputation, and all the safety features! Of course SawStop was my goal, but it was price prohibitive, especially considering the cost of replacement cartridges. Somehow or another, while I was doing my research on the Laguna Table Saw’s, I came across a YouTube video, comparing the Laguna to the Harvey and I was blown away! At first glance, it was beautiful, like the Laguna, and point for point, the Laguna just didn’t Have all the features that the Harvey did. Especially at that price point! I decided to give them a try, and have never looked back! I have a wish list of many Harvey tools/BridgeCity tools at this point!

Assembly was relatively easy, the customer service is next to none! I had an electrical question right off the bat that they were happy to walk me through and help me solve. And then I had an issue with the belt tension. They immediately knew what the problem was, and walked me through a 30 sec fix. It happened to be user error during assembly! But they were so kind, they never made me feel dumb, and extremely patient. Calling Harvey customer service is like calling a friend and asking for help!

The saw itself is of course, beautiful! It has more than enough power to rip white oak, black, walnut, paduak, Purple Heart, and every other hard species I’ve thrown at it! I make furniture, cutting boards, kitchen, accessories, and anything else anybody wants! It has absolutely met and exceeded all of my expectations! Now I just need to get the router table insert!

Some of my favorite features are the miter gauge, the overhead and under table, dust collection, the blade, guard/riving, knife, and just how well-built the machine is. I have never had it bog down, I’ve never tripped it, and once I dialed in the fence and the blade, it has given me nothing but precision cuts! The miter gauge is absolutely second to none. I had all, but given up on miter gauges, as they are, either absolute junk, or extraordinarily overpriced for some thing you can effectively do yourself. But the ability to dial in precise measurements/angles in a matter of seconds is amazing! The miter gauge is reminiscent of the beautiful/high end, bridge, city tools! And it works just as well as it looks!

I would recommend this tool, and Harvey the brand to anyone interested in very high-quality/precision, woodworking tools! I have been nothing, but impressed, keep up the great work! I’ll be looking for that Black Friday sale to upgrade more equipment!

T.H. (Bargersville, US)
Satisfied Harvey customer

From the initial contact with Harvey I was impressed with the people that answered the phone. When it finally came time to order my saw again I was impressed with the help I received. When the saw finally got here and it didn't take very long, I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship. I've only had the saw a couple of months so I haven't used it a lot in my small shop. But I've got a couple of projects in mind that I think the saw is going to perform wonderfully on. And I can't wait to use the miter gauge. I think that the price for the quality receive is outstanding ,and I am very happy with my purchase.