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Compass MG-36 Miter Gauge - Harvey Woodworking


Miter Gauge

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P.L. (Bell Buckle, US)
The Elephant in the Shop

Let’s call a blade a blade and acknowledge what this miter gauge truly is… fantastic. That’s what.

I’m a cinematographer. And while that doesn’t make me a terrific woodworker, it does make me someone who is obsessed with accuracy. To inaccurate tools, I give no quarter… inch.

The elephant in the shop for anyone considering this product is, at this point, the negative video reviews. And I will admit those reviews made me nervous about ordering such an expensive tool, but when the coupon code rolled up into my inbox, I took a chance. I’m glad I did.

I watched a video that showed a large gap between the angle dial and the indicator. However, mine is tighter than a spaceship’s airlock. The same video showed play and inaccuracy in the preset notches for 90º, 45º, etc. However, mine locks down perfectly and accurately, every time… I made sure of it. A different video showed play at the rear of the gauge from it lacking a rear adjustment dial. But mine has a dial located there, and thus, it doesn’t play around.

The gauge is accurate. The gauge is well made with high quality materials. The gauge is fully adjustable and pairs well with my table saw. The gauge comes in such elegant packaging that I have yet to throw the box away, simply because it feels criminal to do so.

I will also note that I have before called Harvey, and they were very kind on the phone. The salesman answered all of my questions with great patience. And although I was unable to afford their G700 dust collection system, I was able to afford the Compass miter gauge. It has since exceeded my high expectations and laid all of my concerns about it and the quality of Harvey products to rest.

So, were the problems there to begin? I don’t know. What I do know is that there are no problems with it now. And if there were problems to begin with but no problems exist now, that means Harvey did the greatest thing a company can do: They listened to their customers.

That’s good enough for me, and the exceptional Compass miter gauge is good enough for anyone who cares about accuracy as much as I do.

B.M. (Riverside, US)

As usual the Harvey Woodworking equipment is well thought out, well made and priced to sell. The features and function of this miter guage are far above any other miter guage available. Stock guages from Powermatic, Jet or others are far below the quality, utility and function of Harvey Woodworking tools. Across the board.

S.S. (Murrysville, US)
Top notch product

I ordered and received the MG36 and it was spot on in every way. Didn't experience any of the slop issue described. I left the response below on the "other" channel just to recount my experience, just posting for the details of the unit I received
I watched this and did a bunch of follow up investigating for supporting opinions, didn't find much to support your findings. I took the leap and just bought the Harvey. No gap issue .010, no deflection in the stop, works perfect, also you can flip the extension arm to the other side if you don't like the angle end. As such can cut down to 2", way to close to the blade IMHO. Was 100% perfect 90 degrees. The slot adjustment were not fussy at all. They looked a bit different than the ones in your video,.and there were 5 of them, the bar is longer and has one behind the miter lock button. Feel like you reviewed a completely different product. The one I received is off the charts top notch.

E. (Phoenixville, US)
Splendid piece of kit

Superbly made, accurate and fun to use. Only problem is explaining to my woodworking associates why I need this. I don't. I just wanted it.


Excellent quality and performance

J.V. (Santa Rosa, US)
Precision tool, dead accurate

Completely impressed. First, the of the miter gauge is excellent. The tool arrives in perfect condition. Second, instructions are clear and concise. Set up was very easy, and I did not need to re-adjust the gauge to achieve cuts within 0.1 degrees.
I am blown away by this gauge. Well done Harvey!

R.H. (Joplin, US)
Accurate and well made

A far cry from the stock mitre gauge. It’s easy to zero, accurate and can be adjusted to run smoothly. It’s among my “most used” tools now. Roy