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Newest models come standard with remote control and HEPA grade filters!

When The Gyro Air is running at full speed it produces a noise level of 72dB, which is equivalent to the level of a quiet conversation.

Noise in a standard DC systems is attributed to not only the air flow noise from the impeller but also the racket caused by the chips and particles being slammed in to the bag and filter housings or cyclone chambers.

Gyro Air overcomes this by managing every aspect of the air flow. The impeller housing is enclosed inside the cabinet dampening the sound of the air flow; from the impeller the dust and air flows smoothly into the vane structure which generates the vortex without smashing the dust particles into the walls of the duct work; the small amount of tiny dust particles which make it through to the pleated filters make very little noise due to their size and the fact that the filters are also housed inside of the cabinet.

Why is Gyro Air better? Because it uses a unique and patented technology which Harvey Industries developed called Axial Centrifugation to separate the dust particles from the air flow. This system takes the air and dust from the impeller into a series of turbine vanes which results in the dust spinning at 4,000 RPM and forcing the dust particles to the outer edges of the air flow where they drop into internal bins. Only 0.1% of the air flow gets to the pleated filters at the end of the system resulting in less clogging and that means that the system maintains its efficiency and performance levels for much longer than standard DC systems.

In standard systems, the filters do most of the work to separate the dust from the air. In cyclone systems, the large chips are generally collected first but then large amounts of the dust particles still travel to the filter. In both cases the filters must become heavily coated to operate correctly but in doing so, they lose their efficiency resulting in less air flow and lower static pressure. Frequent cleaning is needed to keep them working at high levels. Gyro Air physically separates the dust from the air before sending the exhaust air with minimal dust particles to the filter.

And now the G700 comes with the benefit of HEPA grade filters . These filters are rated at MERV 17 and capture particles down to 0.3 microns.

Less dust in the air means higher air quality levels and fewer respiratory issues for workers in the area.

Normal dust collectors consume a lot of power because of the low aerodynamic efficiency caused by their inherent design (large cyclone chamber, dust bags, clogged filters). Larger motors (normally 3-5 HP) are needed to overcome energy wasted by air resistance, friction, particle collisions, and vibration. The sophisticated Gyro Air design has a much improved systematic flow efficiency which allows it to use only a 2HP motor to achieve the same performance as other DC’s with larger motors.

As with many machines, start up is especially draining, pulling multiple times the normal run amps.

Gyro Air uses Siemen’s electronics technology to address these issues.

By using a sophisticated control system, Gyro Air applies soft start technology to slowly bring the impeller up to speed without a significant amp spike. In addition, this system allows us to employ the smaller motor while closely monitoring the demand and applying power as needed (and only that power which is needed) for the work situation.

On top of this, Gyro Air is unique in that it is variable speed meaning that you can set Gyro Air to meet the specific needs of the operation at hand and not have to run full out all of the time….reducing power requirements and noise levels!

  1. Construction -Gyro Air’s frame and cabinet are constructed with high tensile steel and are powder coated inside and out with zero toxicity paint. The blower impeller is made of high strength aluminum for spark resistance. The two separators are made of 100% stainless steel for a lifetime of strength and reliability.
  2. Compact Size –Relative to standard DC’s and Cyclones, Gyro Air is compact in size being only 33-7/8” high (vs. 70” for DC’s), allowing it to be stowed under a work table to save space.

Enclosed Bins

  • Chips and dust fall into one of two bins (32 gallon capacity) which are lined with disposable poly bags. Larger chips in the first bin and smaller in the second.
  • These bins are internally mounted and are sealed to prevent leakage.
  • To empty, simply open the side panel, roll the bins out on their track, pull out the full bags, re-line, and close. We highly recommend our specially designed dust bags which are made from recycled material and are fire proof.
  • A full bin indicator is located on the control panel to let the user know that the bins are nearing full capacity and it will automatically shut off the system when one of the bins are full.

Pleated filters

  • Two pleated filters provide 75 sq. ft. of filter area permitting sufficient air flow for effective operation of the system.
  • Each filter is 5 micron which is more than sufficient due to the unique way in which Gyro Air operates and the small amount of dust which gets to them (0.1%)
  • Both filters have cleaning brush handles easily operated at waist height and any dust which drops through the filters is easily collected in a capped pipe below the filters for removal.

Wye connector

  • Gyro Air comes with a 4”/2” connector that fits over the 6” inlet port.


  • Gyro Air is heavier than many other dust collectors and is equipped with heavy duty casters for easy movement.


  • Gyro Air needs only occasional manual cleaning. The filters have a much longer life because of the light duty load in operation

Types of dust Gyro Air can collect

  • Gyro air not only collects wood dust but also dry metal, plastic, food and stone dust.
  • It is not designed for wet dust, explosives, or liquids.

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*Continental United States and subject to accessibility


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Gyro Air G700 Specifications


Power Requirements

220V, Single Phase, 60 Hz

Breaker Size


Inverter Type:

Siemens V20

Motor Type

2HP, TEFC Induction


3 Phase (inverted from single phase internally)

Rated Amps


Motor Speed

2280-4275 RPM (Variable Speed)

Product Dimensions

56-1/4" x 23-1/2" x33-7/8"

Shipping Dimensions

59" x 28-1/2" x42-1/4"

Product Weight

445 lbs

Shipping Weight

510 lbs

Max Air Flow

1110 CFM

Max Static Pressure

18-1/2 inchwater

Specifications (Cont.)

Max Air Flow @ 4" Hose

700 CFM

Static Pressure @ 4" Hose

5-5/8 Inchwater

Impeller Size


Main Inlet Size


Adapter Inlet Size

4" & 2"

Filter Emission Rating


Filter Efficiency

99.95% @ 0.3 µm (HEPA)

Filter Surface Area

75 Sq. Ft

Noise Rating @ 10ft

61-72 dbA

Max. Dust Bin Capacity

32 Gal.

Manual Filter Cleaning


Intelligent Dust-Full Monitoring System


Pressure Gauge


G700 Accessories

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