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Universal Mobile Base

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Mobile Base is NOT compatible with extensions legs on table saw or router table. 


Customer Reviews

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C.B. (Herriman, US)
MB-600 Great Choice

Upon realizing the mobile base I had on hand was only rated for 400 lbs, I ordered Harvey's MB-600 for my new Harvey table saw. Glad I did. It's just a much more stout base than others I have tried. It also comes mostly assembled (except attaching to plywood). I only issue I had was with the small bolts used for 3/4 ply. The lock washers are so stiff I had a hard time compressing them to get the nuts to grab on the threads. Still, the MB-600 is a great choice that I'll be using for my other heavy tools.

A.S. (Los Angeles, US)

Perfect fits. Good product and satisfaction.

S. (Kissimmee, US)
“I must have”

I highly recommend the caster. I have a small shop 20x20 and everything on my shop has wheels because I can’t be confined to one configuration.

S. (Midlothian, US)
Mobile base

This mobile base was well designed and very strong
To meet the weight of my Harvey Cabinet Saw.

S.H. (Saint Cloud, US)
MB600 Universal Mobile Base

This is a really nice base. The caster wheels brackets raise and lower the wheels smoothly. The unit is heavily built and supports the weight of my Harvey HW615P bandsaw very well. The base allows the bandsaw to be wheeled easily in my garage/shop. If I needed another mobile base, this is the one I would purchase.

E.F. (Chicago, US)
Great quality, unfortunately can't handle minor sloped ground in garages.

Nothing more to say, but ultimately a good product outside of a minor and understandable limitation.

J.M. (Lewisville, US)
Terrific Mobil Base

When I purchased my Table Saw, it dawned on me that I was going to have to have a way to move it once I got it built. My garage isn’t all that large, it’s a two car garage but that is about it, so I looked for a base that I could move it around with and get it out of the way so I could use my other tools also. I discovered Harvey had a mobil base that would accommodate my saw, I ordered one and when it arrived the found out I would need to make a 3/4” base that would fit inside the dimensions of the base, great idea, it helps to stabilize the base. It was very easy to put together and the hardest part was getting the saw onto the base. This base is very sturdy and moves my saw with ease. It is very well thought out and the quality of the materials is excellent and very heavy duty.
I highly recommend this mobil base to anyone thinking about needing a way to move their equipment around on. It will also work for other manufactures equipment but it was designed for the Harvey equipment. It was exactly what I was looking for, try it, you’ll like it. The price was right too.

m.l. (De Witt, US)
mobile base for Harvey table saw

Very well built with thick steel.Easy to assemble and the saw moves with little effort if needed.Heavy duty wheel locks also

G.C. (New York, US)
Strong Base, clunky adjustment from stationery to mobile

The base if very good with my only quibble is that moving from stationery to mobile is a little clunky. The foot pedals occasionally need adjustment of the wheels before stepping down to move to mobile. It is not hard to do.

When in mobile position the base moves well and allows me to move the bandsaw easily around my shop.