The Harvey ALPHA and TURBO Line

Premium Woodworking Machinery

The Champion Band Saw is designed to offer woodworkers confidence and power. The HW615 offers features that you won't find on most band saws.

The Lathe that started it all for Harvey. Though it might be small, this lathe packs a powerful punch and meets any demands for small and medium sized turning projects.

Woodturners loved the technology inside of the T-40, but wanted a larger option for larger projects. So we designed the T-60S to allow woodturners to tackle any size project.  

The HW-110LC Table Saw is designed for serious woodworkers who require a durable saw with precision cutting.

For those woodworkers and professional shops that require their table saw to be the work horse of their workshop, the HW110S is the table saw you've been waiting for. Machined to perfection, this saw offers woodworkers a piece of mind not found in other saws.

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