Why is Gyro Air better? Because it uses a unique and patented technology which Harvey Industries developed called Axial Centrifugation to separate the dust particles from the air flow.  This system takes the air and dust from the impeller into a series of turbine vanes which results in the dust spinning at 4,000 RPM and forcing the dust particles to the outer edges of the air flow where they drop into internal bins. Only 0.1% of the air flow gets to the pleated filters at the end of the system resulting in less clogging and that means that the system maintains its efficiency and performance levels for much longer than standard DC systems.

In standard systems, the filters do most of the work to separate the dust from the air. In cyclone systems, the large chips are generally collected first but then large amounts of the dust particles still travel to the filter. In both cases the filters must become heavily coated to operate correctly but in doing so, they lose their efficiency resulting in less air flow and lower static pressure. Frequent cleaning is needed to keep them working at high levels.  Gyro Air physically separates the dust from the air before sending the exhaust air with minimal dust particles to the filter.

Less dust in the air means higher air quality levels and fewer respiratory issues for workers in the area.

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