Gyro Air

A: Yes, the G700 will work on many materials including plastics, stone, composites and dry metal dust like you might get in grinding applications. The G700 is not intended for use with wet materials such as metal chips from machining operations using coolantnor with aluminum or other explosive types of dust. 

A: The G700 has an inverter built in which converts the single phase power to 3 phase.  This allows the G700 to offer better power efficiency and the ability to vary the speed to match the operation…again saving power. 

A: The G700 has two pleated filters rated at 5 microns. These filters provide about 75 sq. ft. of surface area. A key feature of the unique G700 design is that, unlike standard DC’s, the majority of the dust (99.9%) is separated from the air before the air reaches the filters. This allows the filters to remain less clogged and more efficient and the performance levels (CFM and Static Pressure) remain higher longer in operation. 

A: The Gyro Air G700 dust separation system is completely different from any other DC in the market. In standard DC’s the dust is separated from the air at the filter itself.  In the G700, the air flow is directed through two sets of turbine-like blades which results in a vortex of 4,000 RPM. This pulls the dust out of the air stream centrifugally leaving only the finest, lightest dust to go all the way through to the filters. 

A: The digital readout on the G700 is a frequency meter. We change the frequency in order to change the speed of the motor and impeller. So this reading basically indicates the speed at which the G700 is running. It will range from 40-75 Hz.

The dial is an indicator of the air pressurein the system. By noting where the dial is at start up, you can quickly see if your air flow is dropping off which may mean that there is a chip blockage or that the filters need cleaning. 



A: Yes, it can if you purchase a 1000W (minimum) converter to convert the 110V input to the 220V power on which the T40 runs. Converters of this size are readily available on line. 

However, please note that performance levels will drop in heavy torque demand applications. 

A: The T40 uses an Industrial Servo Motor which is the type of motor used in industrial CNC router applications. Running in conjunction with our Delta control system (which provides a 2 millisecond response time to changing torque demands, versus 0.2 seconds for standard lathes), the T40 reacts to the constantly changing torque demands so quickly that all you feel is smooth consistent speed as you work. 

A: Yes, there are currently two accessories. The TR-40 outboard turning tool rest allows you to turn large diameter items up to 25” when the head is swiveled 90°. The EB-18 bed extension provides 18” of additional length capacity for turning spindles up to 42”

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