6 Piece Sorby Turning Set with Purchase of T40

6 Piece Sorby Turning Set with Purchase of T40

We at Harvey Machinery have had a long relationship with Robert Sorby Ltd., selling their products to woodworkers in China. We have an appreciation for the high quality turning tools which they produce.

Now, we are working with Sorby in the United States to offer this special opportunity combining a Harvey T-40 Lathe with Sorby’s 6-piece intermediate turning tool set, the A67HS6T.

This set of 6 popular High Speed Steel turning tools is valued at $300 and it is yours free with the purchase of a Harvey T-40 Turbo lathe.

It is a great match of Harvey’s solid, powerful and quiet 14”x24” lathe with turning chisels which will enhance the overall performance of this team.


This opportunity will only last a short while as we made a special limited quantity purchase…when they are gone, it is over.

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The Robert Sorby A67HS6T is designed for spindle and bowl work and consists of:

1/8” parting tool

3/8” bowl gouge

3/8” spindle gouge

½” round nose

¾” roughing gouge

¾” rectangular skew


The HSS tooling will last about 6 times longer than carbon steel! The handles are ash with brass ferrules. These tools range from 17” to 21” in length. For more information, check out this link