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BIG EYE B-36/B-52 RIP FENCE SYSTEM - Harvey Woodworking

BIG EYE B-36/B-52

Rip Fence System 


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BIG EYE B-36/B-52 RIP FENCE SYSTEM - Harvey Woodworking

BIG EYE B-36/B-52

Rip Fence System



* Tax and shipping freight will be calculated at checkout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
B.B. (Green Bay, US)

Works great.

L. (Wellsville, US)

The B36 is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a very high quality rip fence, this is the one. Save your dollars on others and see the difference with the B-36. I have other Harvey products that I can only say I see the pride they take in there products and nothing but Quality

C.C. (Palatine, US)
Big Eye fence.

I thought the product quality was excellent. I ran into some issues with my Jet cabinet saw and it took 2 days to get a response. The 6 of the 8 allen set screws stripped out. I think they were overtightened at the factory.

C.A. (Fairfax Station, US)
Almost perfect out of the box

I had to do few minor adjustments, which may have been more my fault than the factory config. I did measure it on the table and it was set to SLIGHTLY toe away from the blade by about a sheet of paper towards the back of the fence. Pretty much perfect for what I want. Cons - building jigs over the fence may be a challenge with the support guides always being on the fence. Not impossible, but a challenge to get things lined up. Also need to work around the handle as well. But it is a sweet fence!

Big Eye Fence

Best fence I’ve ever used. Makes table saw cuts simple and easy. Love it!

W. (Gresham, US)
Impressive build and easy to install

Well done Harvey! I installed the Big Eye B36 on my table saw and I am impressed. Packaging was bomb proof and assembly instructions were easy to follow. After calibrating blade and fence I had less than .002 run out from front to rear of the fence. Nicest part is the thumbwheel that makes fine adjustments very easy. No more tapping and realigning for adjustments. Once you have the desired measurement, effortlessly lock down the fence with ‚Äúzero‚ÄĚ movement. This fence system and the included fence stops are accurate, unobtrusive, and well worth the price. Bonus, the included two clamps for an out feed table fit perfectly with my dust extraction system and I did not have to mill new pieces. I am still working on incorporating my existing out feed table but I do not anticipate any issues. I am using roller lifts in the interim. I especially like the compatibility of this fence system with non Harvey table saws. Harvey engineering team hit a home run with this design.

D.F. (Blue Springs, US)
Big eye 52 review

Fit and finish is exceptional
Support is exceptional
Delivery packaging was exceptional
Installation manual was adequate
Scale read out and accuracy is exceptional. This will be a huge time saver.

Things needing attention:
1: connection tolerance of front and back rails was too exacting for a non-metal worker and my 20 year delta saw could not easily comply. The fence still works well but it could have been better if I had access to metal working tools and the skill to use them.

2: Aluminum fence attachment to fence rail needs improvement
3: Provision for fence accessories would be helpful (such as sacrificial fence, Jessem stock guides, long stock infeed support, etc.)

Over all I believe I will really like this fence. All ready I can see it will be better than the Delta Uni-fence. I would definitly buy again.


Exelent product. Expected no less from Harvey.

M.B. (Melrose, US)
Love Harvey products! Documentation needs work

First, I want to say that I am absolutely blown away with my Harvey products, I have the Alpha HW110 Table and Alpha HW615 Band and love them both, excellent all around! However, the instructions on all are less than impressive based on the quality of the machines. Especially with this Big Eye, why not put little notes on the options for Harvey table saw users which orientation is for the Harvey tables? I would suspect a large number of Harvey users are going to upgrade to the Big Eye, put it in the documentation for your loyal customers. Totally understand needing to make the documentation universal, but don't forget your devoted customers and make things easier for us. I had to first search for a millimeter rule to figure out which orientation of the rail bolts I needed--Should also put imperial measurements in the documentation for US users.... But hey, I got it together after two tries and I love the Big Eye.

V.L. (Columbus, US)
great machine

Harvey really nailed the engineering and design of the big eye rip fence. It is easy to install, calibrate, and operate. Cutting on both sides of the blade is a big advantage that many woodworkers don't appreciate until they have it. The precision and repeatability are of the highest quality. If you are in the market for a rip fence this is the one to buy.