Extended Harvey Deals

We're extending our exclusive offers on the Gyro and T40 until 3/31

The T40 Lathe

Step up your turning with the most innovative lathe ever built

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The Gyro Air

We've revolutionized the way you look at dust.

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The T40 Difference

At a quick glance, the T40 may seem like just another bench top lathe, but if you look closer, you will see the years of hard work and innovation our engineers put into this state-of-the-art machine.

Full Size Lathe Capabilities, Bench Top Size

The T40 comes with a state-of-the-art Industrial Servo Motor, which gives you more power when needed in milliseconds. The T40 is loaded with features you won't find on any other bench top lathe.

G700 Gyro Air Dust Collector. Changing The Game.

Harvey is forever changing the way dust collection is done. With a revolutionary design, the Gyro Air will not only collect more dust, it will allow almost no particles to escape, all while operating at a WHISPER.

T40 Lathe

Built Better.

TURBO T40 Wood Lathe
  • Fast System Response

    A response time of 2 milliseconds to changes in the torque demand. This ensures you always have the power you need to turn the perfect piece. 

  • Digital Readout

    Know exactly your RPMs, from 60 to 4300, without guessing. Easy to turn knob allows you to make quick adjustments when you need them. 

  • Built To Last

    From the premium cast iron to the oversized ball bearings, this machine will take anything you throw at it. 

  • 90° Head Stock Swivel

    Turn large diameter pieces with ease, with an easy locking and unlocking head stock.

Don't Forget Your Accessories

Everything you need for your Gyro Air and T40

  • 18" Extension Bed

    Add on another foot and a half of work capacity with the Extension Bed.

  • Outboard Tool Rest

    If you love to make bowls and other large diameter creations, don't miss out on this! Work up to 25" in diameter with the Outboard Tool Rest

  • Gyro Air Disposable Liners

    We apologize ahead of time on how much you're going to have to empty your dust bins. Don't worry though, its incredibly easier than traditional dust collection systems. Check out the Disposable Liners

  • T40 Cast Iron Legs

    Get the stand specifically designed to tackle any turning job for your T40.

    T40 lathe stand legs cast iron


"The Gyro Air raises the bar for dust collection. This machine perfectly marries safety, efficiency, and technology, with 21st century design."

"This lathe was a total surprise for me and it is a pleasure to use. It is priced well, built well, and totally exceeded my expectation"

"The high quality of the T-40 lathe in its small foot print makes it ideal for shops that cannot dedicate the space to larger lathes. It is really nice to find this level of quality in a bench model lathe."