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GYRO AIR G-700 Dust Processor - Harvey Woodworking
GYRO AIR G-700 Dust Processor - Harvey Woodworking
GYRO AIR G-700 Dust Processor - Harvey Woodworking
GYRO AIR G-700 Dust Processor - Harvey Woodworking


Dust Processor


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Wood Dust Processor

A Revolutionary Dust Processor

Because of the principal contradiction between dusty air flow and filtration, traditional dust collectors are struggling with filter clogging or bad air quality. Most of the dust collectors are very loud, bulky and difficult to maintain. This has been a long-standing pain for woodworkers.

To solve this problem, the Harvey team of engineers spent

over 7 years of research and study, to develop an unprecedented Dust Collector, the Gyro Air® G-700 Wood Dust Processor. The G-700 Gyro Air® Wood Dust Processor incorporates a unique, patented technology to separate dust particles from the air and capture them before they enter the filters.The G-700 uses the new Axial Centrifugation Technology (called Gyro Air® Technology), to spin the air/dust stream up to 4,000 RPM and generate a super strong centrifugal force (over 100 times gravity) to separate the dust from the air and collect it in two dust bins hidden internally in the unit. 

The G-700 collects 99.7% of the dust particles before the air reaches its HEPA filters. This not only means much less cleaning of the filters, but that the airflow and static pressure will remain much more constant during operation. In addition, the air emission cleanliness level from the filters can reach an unbeatable 0.05 mg/cubic meter (50% better than the European Standard of 0.1 mg/cubic meter). The entire extraction system is aerodynamically optimized with extraordinary running efficiency, so it can save up to 50% in energy costs.

The Gyro Air® technology and its unique aerodynamic design allow the G-700 Gyro Air® to run at an incredibly low noise level of 61 to 72 dBA, depending on which speed you run the Gyro Air ... yes, it is a variable-speed machine that allows you to adjust the airflow to suit your needs. The G-700 is powered and controlled by a SIEMENS industrial 2HP motor and SIEMENS V20 Variable Frequency Driver for 24/7 applications. In addition, the Gyro Air® G-700 is equipped with a built-in Dust-Bin monitor and a Remote Control Key. Its fully enclosed housing is short enough to fit under most benches, and it has heavy-duty casters to allow it to move as needed. The two dust bins are sealed when in use but are then easily accessed through a panel on the side of the unit, and they roll out for easy emptying (and you can use disposal bags to take out wood chips).

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
V. (Vernon, US)
G700 Dust Processor

Just got it set up so have not used it a lot yet. I still need to install some pipes to run the length of my shop to the processor. I did hook up the G700 direct to my table saw and to my planer and it performed great. The vacuum is strong and easily handled the chips.
I like the variable speed control and the remote on/off control. The noise level is much lower than I expected given the amount of air that it moves. Customer support is great. Many thanks to Vincent in Customer Logistics for helping arrange freight delivery to my shop door.

m.k. (Hawthorne, US)

GYRO AIR G-700 Dust Processor

T.T. (Columbia, US)
Great product

This this is one of the best investments I have made for my shop. Aside from the shipping issue, I am very satisfied with the G-700 processor. Installation was easy and the instructions were simple. I look forward to doing business with this company in the future.


Just got it and ready to pipe it in. Super quiet.

C.R. (Gotha, US)
New dust collector

Just got here about an hour ago. Well need to hook up and get it running as soon as I can

W.C. (Fayetteville, US)
G-700 review

this is an excellent dust system! Much better fit and finish than expected.
I’m very satisfied with the performance. Two improvements would make this outstanding. Put the power switch on the same side as the controls and make the remote able to adjust the fan speed.
Thanks for a fine product.

R.M. (Visalia, US)

In my opinion the Gyro Air dust processor has been a top performer in my shop. I have had two cyclone processors prior. The variable speed is key, I can run one machine or multiple. Very quiet. I would trade my other dust collectors for another Gyro processor in a heartbeat. Nice build, extremely easy to use and maintain.

C.S. (Milford, US)
Strong suction and super quiet

Strong suction and super quiet
Great decision

C.T. (Bluffton, US)
Exactly what I needed!

I run a full-time cabinet shop and was in the market for a new dust processor. I work out of a 1k sq ft shop though so space is at a premuim. I was looking for something capable but with a small footprint. After doing extensive research I landed on the G-700 and I could not be more pleased. This thing is packed with features and works exceptionally well. Quite, POWERFUL, great separation of the chips and collecting fine dust, easy to move and all packed into a footprint that can go under a workbench. I spend 50 plus hours a week in my shop and I can honestly say this machine has made that time more enjoyable and my lungs will thank me!

M. (Rochester, US)
Absolutely LOVE it

I've worked with several dust collectors, both big names and "house" brands. I am very please with my G-700. Great suction, and so much quieter than other units of similar capacity. One thing I would like to see is having a 90 elbow included or as an option at purchase. Proper 6" duct parts are a little hard to come by in my area and I under-appreciated exactly how far the included reducer/wye would stick out. It's not a deal breaker by any regard, but it would take the setup of a new product from great to perfect for a lot of folks, myself included.