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Harvey is a top notch company with a top notch product. Pro grade all the way!

Wasn't aware of the need of a piece of plywood but for the price and the fact it will fit anything I may buy a few more.

Great for the price it can't be beat. The first and last band saw I will need.

Absolutely amazing build quality and precision! Took a bit of work to dial it in, but love how well it fits and moves now that it's setup.

Easy to install and very sturdy. Love it. Worth the money.

Perfect addition to my tablesaw. Fast shipping.


I've had my G700 for about 2 1/2 years now. After spending twice what G700 cost me for Ducting I know have a pretty dust free shop. Machine works great. Couldn't live without the remote.Bags are easy to change. And YES.... it is much more quiet than any of my previous machines.

Harvey ALPHA HW100S-36PG Dovetail tablesaw with Big Eye Rip Fence

Absolutely love it. Purchased in February 2024 but didn't assemble until early April 2024. Excellent quality throughout. The Big Eye Rip Fence is nothing short of awesome. Well worth the money. So is the Compass MG-36 miter gauge. Both the rip fence and the miter gauge were dead on right out of the box - no adjustments needed. Scratched my head putting it all together. No manual came with the saw - I had to download it off the internet. And watch a couple Youtube videos, but it is an amazing tablesaw - so smooth in the cut, both rip and crosscut.

MB-600 Mobile base

The Harvey MB-600 mobile base is very heavy duty and seems to work well. I'm glad I bought it because the Harvey Alpha model tablesaw is very heavy and the mobile base allows me to move it around.

MB-600 Universal Mobile Base
D.C. (Las Cruces, US)

The system worked out perfectly! Solid and fully functional! Good value!

Love this use it often..great for accuracy and safety

COMPASS Router Table System
P.K. (Cortez, US)
Love it

I love the cabinet and the versatility. It can be used under any cabinet and the dust collection is adaptable to 4".

Love it

Awesome quality! Cuts like butter. This saw is worth every penny I spent on it.


It's been just over a month since receiving and setting up my new table saw... I have been using the saw almost daily since then. I could not be happier!! From ordering, to notifications, and shipping everything went without a hitch. I also included the MB-600 Universal Mobile Base and the COMPASS RG-1 Universal Roller Guide... both of which have exceeded my expectations. I struggled for years researching for a replacement for my 30yr old table saw... the Harvey was the answer for my search/needs... my only regret was that I wished I had pulled the trigger sooner! Thank you!

Aluminum Zero Clearance Insert

This will be the insert that I use the most. Although I typically run thin kerf blades, I set this up with a full kerf 1/8 inch blade. Then I finished off (widened) the slot with a file to account for the minimal movement of the insert. Just what was needed to keep those thin cut-off pieces from dropping down into the dust collector and choking things up.

Works great.


The B36 is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a very high quality rip fence, this is the one. Save your dollars on others and see the difference with the B-36. I have other Harvey products that I can only say I see the pride they take in there products and nothing but Quality

GYRO AIR G-700 Dust Processor
V.B. (Madison, US)
Dust Collection That Works!

I bought the G700 to upgrade from one of those cyclone and bag filter units. The difference in dust in my shop was apparent instantly. I was able to uncrate and set up the machine completely by myself. I just turned 70. It fits very nicely in my one car garage shop and allows me to reclaim some vertical space above it for an assembly/outfield table that I will soon build. Buy it again in an instant!

COMPASS Router Table System
V.B. (Madison, US)
Fine Router Table

Ended up buying the complete Harvey Compass routing system, cast iron top, fence, dust collection box and table. Couldnโ€™t be more pleased with the quality of the materials and the ease of use! Assembly instructions could always be better but was able to assemble the entire table without any additional help.

Big Eye fence.

I thought the product quality was excellent. I ran into some issues with my Jet cabinet saw and it took 2 days to get a response. The 6 of the 8 allen set screws stripped out. I think they were overtightened at the factory.

MB-600 Universal Mobile Base
R.M. (South Jordan, US)

Works well with my Harvey Bandsaw. Wanted something that would take the weight.

Nice saw

I was impressed by;
1) The way the way the saw and its parts were packaged for shipping.
2) The overall quality of the saw and its parts.
I was not impressed by;
1) The instruction manual was weak to say the least.
2) The polycarbonate center section is warped and rises above the cast iron table top.
I have not yet used the saw, but will know more once I do. Iโ€™m looking forward to a pleasant experience.

ALPHA HW615P 3HP 15" Band Saw
C.A. (Fairfax Station, US)
Great saw, but some things should be changed

This is a powerful saw and has a great resaw capacity. Even using the stock blade, it seems to work well. I had to do some adjustments to get the saw aligned. Some issues: First, the table itself needed to be twisted a bit to align the slot with the blade. I need to get the Bandsaw buddy to verify that it needs to be this far out. I'm hoping my alignment is just incorrect. Second, I would love to see an integrated single port dust collection port that connects to both upper and lower ports. I had to purchase several connectors and a Y to connect both ports to one hose. Now i have too much hanging off the saw and those connectors stick out a bit. I'll still try to adjust and try different configs, but would love to see that solved at the factory. Third, the ruler x-ray film (measuring "glass") broke right out of the package as it is cheap plastic. I would like to see this as a metal frame with real glass. Also, it needs to be closer to the tape to ensure you can read it properly. Shifting angles will shift the view of the tape. And last, the table insert has a locking swivel on the bottom of the insert. It is almost impossible to turn that to lock the insert into place. I'll probably never lock it down because of how hard it is to do. Minor issues compared to the beautiful resaw that I was able to do. But issues nonetheless.

This thing is a beast!

Just getting it all setup, but it is a beast of a machine. The 4 HP motor sounds so smooth. Initial cuts were smooth and very powerful. Overhead dust collection seems a little weak. I have more messing around to figure it out. Big Eye fence is awesome!

C.A. (Fairfax Station, US)
Almost perfect out of the box

I had to do few minor adjustments, which may have been more my fault than the factory config. I did measure it on the table and it was set to SLIGHTLY toe away from the blade by about a sheet of paper towards the back of the fence. Pretty much perfect for what I want. Cons - building jigs over the fence may be a challenge with the support guides always being on the fence. Not impossible, but a challenge to get things lined up. Also need to work around the handle as well. But it is a sweet fence!