The Harvey T40 Wood Lathe, A Bench Top Lathe Unlike Any Other

The Harvey T40 Wood Lathe, A Bench Top Lathe Unlike Any Other


We understand it, stick to the tools you know and love, and that goes for brands as well. The Harvey name may not be familiar to most people, especially in the United States, but we’ve been around longer than you think. Harvey Machinery has been building wood lathes and other tools for almost 20 years now, but in the US, we’ve mainly been making tools for other companies, the same companies that you trust. It wasn’t until recently Harvey decided to step into the US woodturning market, under its own brand, with our most innovative lathe to date, the T40 wood lathe.

We like to compare the T40 lathe to a high end sports car. If you drive a regular car on a daily basis, but you’ve ever had the opportunity to drive a high end sports car, you know the difference we’re talking about. Yes, both vehicles get you from point A to point B, but the sports car handles better, drives smoother, feels more capable. The same thing when someone who has experience on a lathe.

Now, for all the experienced woodturners out there, you know the difference between a high quality lathe and basic, run-of-the-mill lathe. An experienced woodturner can distinguish the feel and sound and torque of a quality lathe. Someone new to woodturning might not be able to distinguish all the same things as someone who’s spent years behind a wood lathe, but they will still able to know what a quality lathe feels like.

The biggest difference that sets our T40 lathe apart from other bench top lathes is the motor. The T40 is powered by a Industrial Servo Motor. These are the types of motors that you can find in high quality CNC machines that offer precise power and torque when needed. The motor can detect a change in torque and adjust accordingly in 2 milliseconds, or in other words, about 100x faster than other woodturning lathes on the market. This may not seem like a huge deal, but anyone that works on a lathe, knows how quickly a project can be ruined with the smallest error. Consistent speed helps to avoid those errors.

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