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BIG EYE B-36/B-52 RIP FENCE SYSTEM - Harvey Woodworking

BIG EYE B-36/B-52

Rip Fence System 


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BIG EYE B-36/B-52 RIP FENCE SYSTEM - Harvey Woodworking

BIG EYE B-36/B-52

Rip Fence System



Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

The Big-Eye fence is simply the best fence on the market!

A.P. (Orlando, US)
Game changer for my 80's era UniSaw

I've been using my Big Eye B-52 rip fence for a couple of months now. Fence deflection can kill accuracy and increase the probability of dangerous kick back. The rock solid stability of the locking mechanism on the B-52 Big Eye completely eliminates the rip fence deflection I had been fighting for years with my UniFence system, and it has added tremendously to the accuracy and safety of my 1980's era Delta UniSaw. Setup took me about a day and a half due to the addition of a torsion box table to the right of the saw. The set up for the parallelism of the fence to the blade can be a little fiddly, but once it's locked in it isn't moving. I love the zero adjustment on the rip scale. You can easily reset it for each different blade for the ultimate in accuracy. The cursor is extremely easy to line up and easy to read. The fence glides smoothly but I do keep an air hose handy to blow sawdust out of the track where the rollers run, and I wipe down the steel guides regularly. If sawdust debris builds up on the rollers they won't run as smoothly, but cleaning is easy and infrequent if you keep the track cleared out. Another fantastic feature is the ability to lock the fence without it moving left or right from where you've set it. That eliminates a lot of frustration during setups and once again, increases accuracy. The flip stops are also handy, and I'm still finding new uses for them. I would like to find out what type of aluminum extrusion I can purchase that will directly replace the High Low fence. I'd like to make an extra long fence just for use when I want to rip a full 8' sheet of plywood. Any suggestion in that area would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to years of use from this fence, and it has made woodworking fun again! Thanks for such a well made product!

M. (Ankeny, US)
Versatile fence

Upgraded to Big Eye fence. Already used many features. Very accurate and versatile. Happy I upgraded.

d.w. (Chicago, US)

Everything is staying in the boxes until the new shop is ready, can't wait!

b.w. (Long Beach, US)
The best thing since sliced bread

The first thing I do when anyone comes in my workshop is show of the big eye system. The glide and precision is unbelievable!


Harvey’s Rip fence is awesome, slides like butter, both ends stay perfectly aligned.


Best fence I’ve ever used.

B.B. (Green Bay, US)

Works great.

L. (Wellsville, US)

The B36 is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a very high quality rip fence, this is the one. Save your dollars on others and see the difference with the B-36. I have other Harvey products that I can only say I see the pride they take in there products and nothing but Quality

C.C. (Palatine, US)
Big Eye fence.

I thought the product quality was excellent. I ran into some issues with my Jet cabinet saw and it took 2 days to get a response. The 6 of the 8 allen set screws stripped out. I think they were overtightened at the factory.