Bridge City Tool Works Joins The Harvey Family

Bridge City Tool Works Joins The Harvey Family

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Bridge City Tool Works 35-Year Legacy of Innovation and Quality Continues Under New Ownership

Harvey Industries, Co., Ltd., a world-class manufacturer of woodworking machinery headquartered in China, is acquiring Bridge City Tool Works of Portland, Oregon. John Economaki founded Bridge City in 1983.

After 35 years of running Bridge City Tool Works, John Economaki, iconic designer of heirloom quality woodworking hand tools, has decided it’s time to step down and hand over the reigns to his friend and Chinese licensing partner, Jack Xu, CEO of Harvey industries, Ltd.

The good news for the passionate customers of Bridge City is that they’ll hardly notice the change. Under a licensing agreement that went into effect several years ago, Harvey has been building more than two dozen Bridge City tools for international distribution. That includes everything from Try Squares to Planes to the award-winning Chopstick Master.

Jack Xu and John Economaki first met in 2013, and quickly realized they shared a common set of beliefs and values. Both view their companies as vehicles to express new ideas and concepts using tools as a canvas.

According to Jack Xu, “I made the decision to add Bridge City to the Harvey family of innovation products because I believe that tools ought to inspire their owners. John and I share the belief that ‘Good Enough is NOT Good Enough,’ a business philosophy that permeates our entire company. I know there is a perception in America that tools made in China are somehow inferior, and in some cases that is true. We are acutely aware that for Harvey to achieve our corporate objectives, we cannot afford to let anyone down, particularly the current and future customers of Bridge City Tool Works."

For his part, Bridge City’s John Economaki has no doubt that he’s made the right decision. “When I read the correspondence from international customers who have been buying Bridge City tools made by Harvey, I know that they will successfully continue to travel the path of quality and outstanding customer service we have enjoyed for the past 35 years.” (That path is demonstrated with stunning photography in one of the most beautiful woodworking books in print today, Quality is Contagious.)

The other very good new for Bridge City customers is that John Economaki will continue to design “fun stuff” for Harvey for at least the next two years. And John will head the Harvey quality control department. All to ensure that the legacy of quality continues.

Harvey Industries manufactures industrial quality woodworking machinery sold in more than 100 countries around the world. In North America, Harvey has been an OEM for many of the best-known woodworking brands and currently sells select machinery under its own name.