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The Bigger, Bolder T-60S Wood Lathe

The Bigger, Bolder T-60S Wood Lathe

Harvey T-60S Turbo Wood Lathe

Ever since we introduced the T-40 Turbo Wood Lathe in the US, some of the top turners asked us if we could provide a larger capacity lathe with the same features and benefits of the T-40 but just scaled up.

The T-60S lathe does just that by combining the technological advances of the T-40’s Industrial Servo Motor and control system with a 24” swing over the bed and 48” between centers. The T-60S motor has the same 300% overload capacity and the same 2 microsecond response time that provides the torque you need when working on larger pieces.

Other features include:

  • 2HP Servo Motor, 230V single phase operation
  • Spindle speeds (High Range/Low Range) providing variable speeds between 200-3500 rpm/60-1000 rpm
  • Easy changing V-belt for fast set-ups
  • Secondary Start/Stop control with a magnetic back for mounting anywhere on the lathe.
  • The headstock slides along the entire length of the bed
  • Large headstock spindle with three heavy-duty bearings for greater stability and turning performance
  • A swing away tail bed extension that allows the tailstock to be moved without removing it from the bed
  • An optional extension bed that mounts to the end of the lathe for an additional 35” of swing.  The bed can also be mounted in the center of the lathe for larger outboard turning projects.
  • 48 position indexing with an easy one-hand spindle locking mechanism
  • Comparator arms for easier duplicating
  • 24” guard for increased operator protection
  • 1-1/4”, 8 TPI MT #2 spindle; 4-1/2” of tailstock travel with self-ejection
  • Premium cast iron construction
  • Heavy duty solid-locking handles

We will be showing the prototype units in Raleigh, NC at the AAW Symposium on July 11-14. Stuart Kent will be there doing demonstrations on our Harvey lathes and a few turner friends of Harvey will be dropping by to try it out.  Come and see what they think!

Say Hello to the T40 Lathe

Say Hello to the T40 Lathe

Have you ever gotten the opportunity to drive a high end sports car, then you go back to your daily drive and notice how much nicer the sports car was? That’s the feeling woodturners get when they try out the Harvey T40. It may just seem like another bench top lathe, but once someone who has any level of woodturning experience jumps on the T40 they can notice the incredible differences.

The T40 is nearly 180 pounds, which is a lot heavier than your normal bench top lathe, but it is still movable if needed. This extra weight comes from the solid cast iron design, and allows the woodturner to really dig in and not be afraid of the piece they’re making. We wanted turners to focus on their designs and not have to wonder whether their machine can handle the capacity.

The biggest difference between the Harvey T40 and other lathe competitors is the motor used for our machine. The T40 uses a 1HP Industrial Servo Motor, which is the same motor used in many CNC routers. This state-of-the-art motor reads changes in torque demands and reacts in 2 milliseconds, that’s .0002 seconds compared to the common industry level of .2 seconds. Now that might not seem like a big difference to some people but in the woodturning world, that reaction time can be the difference between creating a masterpiece and ruining a project you’ve spent hours on.

We didn’t stop there when building this machine though. We added a bunch of awesome features that woodturners have been loving. From the Digital RPM readout to the easy turning of the headstock swivel up to 90 degrees, the T40 lathe is full of high end features that we know any woodturner will love.