GYRO AIR G1000 Industrial Dust Processor

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Built to meet your industrial application needs for all types of dry dust collection

Superior Effectiveness

Cleans your shop air to a level of 0.05milligrams/cubic meter exceeding European standards for cleanliness; Filter Effectiveness is 99.95% in capturing particles down to 0.3 microns in size which is HEPA levels. 99.7% of the dust particles are removed from the air flow before the filters meaning much longer run times at full CFM and Static Pressure and less load on the 3 filters means longer filter life. The G1000 is made to work with all types of dry dust and chips including metal from grinding operations, wood, rubber, plastic, grain, stone, graphite, and more.

Intelligent Control

Fully utilizing the capabilities of the Siemens frequency converter, the G1000 not only provides variable speed control to match the air flow to your requirements, but it can also manage the air flow automatically to maintain consistent air flow in changing conditions (Flow Cruise). The G1000 also has filter load monitoring and automatic filter cleaning; dust bin monitoring and a warning when the bin reaches capacity; remote control start/stop; synchronous start/stop that works when you turn on the equipment from which you are collecting (up to 4 machines!). There is also a delayed stop program which can be set to run a predetermined time in order to provide general shop air cleaning.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

With the GyroAir, there is no complicated central system duct work. This is not only more economically efficient in installation but it also eliminates the expensive problem of exhausting heated or air conditioned air to the outside. With a range of 61-72 dB(A) it runs quietly enough to be in the shop next to your workers. The filters are easily accessed and changed when necessary. Emptying the dust bin is simple and easy. The GyroAir is on casters so you can relocate it as needed.

Certifications – The GyroAir is CE certified for Health, Safety, and Environmental.

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Gyro Air G1000 Specifications


Power Requirements

380-480V, 3 Phase 60Hz

Breaker Size


Inverter Type:

Siemens V20

Motor Type

TEFC Induction


4 HP


3 Phase

Rated Amps


Motor Speed

2400-4200 RPM (Variable Speed)

Product Dimensions

73-5/8" x 37" x 59"

Shipping Dimensions

81-1/4" x 43-1/4" x 68-1/8"

Product Weight

980 lbs

Shipping Weight

1200 lbs

Max Air Flow

1600 CFM

Max Static Pressure

25 inchwater

Specifications (Cont.)

Number of Filters


Impeller Size


Main Inlet Size


Filter Emission Rating


Filter Efficiency

99.95% @ 0.3 µm (HEPA)

Filter Surface Area

136 Sq. Ft

Noise Rating @ 10ft

61-72 dbA

Max. Dust Bin Capacity

40 Gal.

Smart Jet pulse Filter Cleaning


Intelligent Dust-Full Monitoring System


Filter Monitor


Flow Cruise


Wireless Remote Control


wireless Synchornized Control


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