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3HP 15" Bandsaw With Cast Iron Table (RG-2 included)


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HW615P 15” Industrial Bandsaw

Like many traditional machines, band saws have not changed much over the decades. Harvey decided to redesign band saws with new ideas to raise the standards for band saws. The ALPHA Series HW615P Bandsaw is a direct result of these ideas. The basic concept behind the HW615P is to make a truly heavy-duty, powerful and precise bandsaw which will enable you to do the job with ease and pleasure. 

The HW615P is built with a 3 HP, 220v motor to ensure enough power to undertake any job that a 15” bandsaw can handle; solid, reinforced structural steel frame; premium, heavy-duty cast iron flywheels; unique tool-less upper and lower blade guides; Newly developed COMPASS RG-2 Roller Guide for your safe and enjoyable cutting; precision ground 20" x 20" (508x508mm) cast iron work table with great durability and rust resistance; extra-large precision high low aluminum fence with solid T-square gliding/locking structure; worm gear system for smooth worktable tilt; dual trunnions for stability; and a fully enclosed blade guard. All of these add to the precision, smoothness and solid performance and make HW615P a ultimate bandsaw for professional woodworkers.

HW615P 15” Industrial Bandsaw

Features and Benefits
  • Dynamically balanced cast iron flywheels for smooth operation and extra torque when running
  • 3HP powerful TEFC single phase motor (220V)
  • Precision ground cast iron work table with great durability and rust resistance
  • Unique tool-less upper and lower blade guides
  • Extra sized and robust steel frame 
  • Quick release tensioning levers 
  • Worm gear worktable tilting
  • Comes with COMPASS RG-2 Roller Guide
  • Foot brake with micro switch 
  • Full enclosure protection for blade 
  • Micro-switches on the top and bottom doors for extra safety
  • Dual trunnion system for stable support of worktable
  • Extra large aluminum alloy precision high/low fence
  • Precision Ground Cast Iron worktable

    Worktable:    the precision ground 20" x 20" (508x508mm) cast iron work table provides a smooth surface with great durability and rust resistance for your precise cutting.
    Heavy Duty Cast Iron Flywheels and Reinforced Structural Steel Frame

    Dynamically balanced cast iron flywheels provide smooth operation, extra torque and minimum noise when running.

    The reinforced solid steel frame insures the stability needed for extraordinary performance.
    Extra large Precision Hi-Low Fence with solid T-square Structure

    Fence: the fence has been upgraded to a extra-large precision Hi-Low fence of 6”, which is made of high strength extruded aluminum. The position of the fence can be changed to accommodate the size of the work piece. In the vertical position, the fence provides stability for re-sawing applications. 

    Rail: the rail has been upgraded to a structural steel tube providing additional strength and rigidity and allowing for more precise settings. The solid T-square structure is easily adjustable and allows the fence to slide smoothly. 

    Full Enclosure Protection for Blade

    Guide post: upgraded to all-steel construction, the guide post provides full coverage preventing accidental contact with the blade. 

    Ball Bearing Blade Guides feature Tool-less Adjustment

    Ball Bearing Blade Guide: this patented new system incorporates a ball bearing on each side and the back of the blade, which improves the wear resistance and work life of the machine. The tool-less adjustment and lock knobs are thoughtfully designed to provide easy access and use. Both top and bottom guide sets utilize this system.

    Cast Iron Worm Gear Tilting System

    Tilting Table: a worm-gear dual trunnion system offering precise adjustment from 45 degrees to -15 degrees using a heavy duty hand wheel. It is easy to operate and the gas piston assists the user in making micro adjustments to the large table.

    Comes with the COMPASS RG-2 Roller Guide

    In order to enhance the operation safety and user experience of the HW615P, our newly developed COMPASS RG-2 Roller Guide is included as standard accessory.The main body of RG-2 is made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum with high precision machining and beautiful anodizing.

    The Compass RG-2 Roller Guide utilizes an 'Independent Suspension Mechanism' where each roller has its own pre-loaded spring. This design enables the two guide rollers to adapt to dynamic stocksurfaces with consistent holding pressure by moving independently.

    The Self-locking Cam Structure allows for precise holding force adjustment by rotating the knob to optimize pressure for specific cutting situations. It offers an adjustable range of approximately 15 – 22 lbs (70 – 100 N), suitable for various cutting scenarios.
    Both Doors have Safety Switches

    Safety Shut Offs for Both Doors: the upper and lower cabinet doors are equipped with safety switches which automatically shut off the machine when a door is opened.

    Foot Brake: immediately stops the saw blade when needed.

    Switch: The magnetic switch is lockable and can also prevent overheating of the motor. 

    Motor: the 3 HP TEFC, industrial grade motor supplies robust power needed for the large capacities of this band saw.

    Uncompromised Details

    Dust Brush: the dust brushes in the lower cabinet remove the dust and chips to ensure consistent blade speeds and reduce slippage.

    Tool Rack: the tool rack conveniently placed on the frame makes the most commonly used tools readily available. 

    Dust Port: the HW615P upgraded version is equipped with two 4" (100 mm) dust ports. A solid cover is included so that one port can be closed for higher efficiency at the second port.

    Tension Label: a laser-engraved label has been added to the frame. 

    Handwheel Handle: upgraded with Chromium for its hardness, resistance to corrosion and its aesthetics. The handwheel includes a handle for ease of operation. 

    Door Locking Knob: upgraded to a knurled knob for its beauty and to ensure an anti-slip grip.

    "Some images on this page are computer-generated representations of the product and may differ from the actual product. Colors, textures, and other details may not be accurately represented in the images. Please refer to the product description and specifications for more information."

    Switch: The magnetic switch is lockable and can also prevent overheating of the motor. 

    Motor: the 3 HP TEFC, industrial grade motor supplies robust power needed for the large capacities of this band saw.

    ALPHA HW615P

    3HP 15" Bandsaw With Cast Iron Table 

    (RG-2 included)


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    C.A. (Fairfax Station, US)
    Great saw, but some things should be changed

    This is a powerful saw and has a great resaw capacity. Even using the stock blade, it seems to work well. I had to do some adjustments to get the saw aligned. Some issues: First, the table itself needed to be twisted a bit to align the slot with the blade. I need to get the Bandsaw buddy to verify that it needs to be this far out. I'm hoping my alignment is just incorrect. Second, I would love to see an integrated single port dust collection port that connects to both upper and lower ports. I had to purchase several connectors and a Y to connect both ports to one hose. Now i have too much hanging off the saw and those connectors stick out a bit. I'll still try to adjust and try different configs, but would love to see that solved at the factory. Third, the ruler x-ray film (measuring "glass") broke right out of the package as it is cheap plastic. I would like to see this as a metal frame with real glass. Also, it needs to be closer to the tape to ensure you can read it properly. Shifting angles will shift the view of the tape. And last, the table insert has a locking swivel on the bottom of the insert. It is almost impossible to turn that to lock the insert into place. I'll probably never lock it down because of how hard it is to do. Minor issues compared to the beautiful resaw that I was able to do. But issues nonetheless.


    This is the last bandsaw I will ever need. I've owned two Grizzly bandsaws and got tired of ordering parts and overly difficult blade changes. The Harvey is amazingly smooth and pretty quiet (for a bandsaw). The fit and finish are beyond comparison. I absolutely recommend the 615 or the Ambassador

    P.L. (Thompson's Station, US)
    The solution

    I came into my wife's craft room one Saturday, held up a piece of cedar and said, "I can't cut this. I've tried, and I have no way to do it."
    I have a nice table saw and several other machines (including a dust collector that should have been the G700 but unfortunately I cheaped out and regret it), but I could not cut that piece of wood the way I wanted to cut it because the tool for it was a bandsaw and I didn't own one.
    So, when I started looking at different bandsaws, although there were cheaper ones, I really didn't feel that most of them were worth the 50-percent less cost of the Harvey Alpha series. And when I compared apples to apples, Harvey was the superior apple every single time... the Alpha apple.

    I took that apple. I bit that apple. It tasted amazing.

    The bandsaw has been spectacular thus far. I had no idea the fence was so beefy, which was a pleasant surprise. The power is clearly there. The quality of the whole machine is second to none because not only is it tough, it's also machined well. Everything fits together like a glove and operates smoothly.

    Just to throw a con in there, a tiny bad spot in the apple, if you will, the directions weren't great. They could have done a better job of explaining the bearings adjustment and how it works (different from other bandsaws but very nice, once you understand it). Also, the power cord is annoyingly short. It doesn't reach an outlet six feet away and three feet up the wall, even diagonally.

    Those gripes are small. The HW615P gets a 10 out of 10, 5 stars, A+ rating from me! Now, if only I had bought the G700 and not been such a dummy, my shop would be complete.

    J.S. (Beulah, US)
    More than just an upgrade

    I have had a budget 14" bandsaw for nearly 20 years. My new Harvey ALPHA HW615P is more than just an upgrade, it's what a bandsaw should be.The precision and ease of operation are amazing. This will certainly be the last bandsaw I ever need.


    Excellent addition to our shop! Very well built.

    J.A. (Huntington, US)
    Over all impression

    I love the band saw! That being said I do have a few comments on it’s use ability. The table is too low. I’m blocking up the saw in the carriage to have a more comfortable work height. Also you should offer a medium height rip fence for work that is not resaw. I know you can flip it on it’s side but you loose ripping width and the edge is quite low. If I rip something 3”” high the guild has to be above the rip fence an not close to the work. A fence 3”in height would be a great option purchase.

    B.D. (Gurley, US)

    I puchased an ALPHA HW615P Harvey Bandsaw. The bandsaw is one of two most used tools in my shop. The ALPHA is great. Easy to install blades, easy to adjust table for angle cuts, but the fence is one of the most impressive items. I have used both the tall and short fence with ease, I made a zero clearance plate for the blade and have been able to cut small pieces easily. I recommend the ALPHA HW615P for any shop.




    Delivered on time, well packaged and very straight forward set-up. Beautiful machine. Goes great with my Harvey Table saw. S.C. Rhode Island


    Excellent band saw very powerfull and feature rich






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