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ALPHA HW110S-36P & HW110S-52P 10

ALPHA HW110S-36P & 52P

10" 4HP Dovetail Cabinet Table Saws


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
K.S. (Dallas, US)
bucket list table saw

I've had a great Unisaw for 40 years. The Harvey 4 HP saw is bigger, smoother, more powerful, more detailed in every way - very pleased

O.S. (Seattle, US)
Awesome saw - can do anything!

Major upgrade for me from an old contractor saw. After a long time deciding between a SawStop and Harvey Alpha, I finally pushed the button on the HW110S-36P. I couldn't be more delighted. Pretty easy to set up (on my own), this saw has handled everything I've thrown at it. The included Miter Gauge should not be underestimated - that is a top quality bit of kit, and has already proven its's worth many times over. Favorite features (other than the power) is the ability to remove and replace the blade guard / riving knife in a few seconds (My old saw had both removed and never replaced due to the effort involved). Dust collection is superb. Delivery was quicker than expected, the driver super-helpful in getting as close as possible to my chosen spot. The instructions leave a few things to the imagination, would have liked better guidance on which bolts to use where, but didn't slow me down too much. Very happy customer!!

M.B. (Huntington Beach, US)
Amazing Saw

I bought this saw after owning a Powermatic model 66 which I loved but this saw is it’s equal ❤️❤️

R.S. (St Louis, US)
Bob's review

Made my first cuts on my new 4hp 52 inch table. Absolute perfect cuts with the factory blade. The saw is a beast. Can't wait to use it all summer.

C.N. (Amarillo, US)
Chris's 4hp Alpha110S-36p, Texas

Fit-n-finish and attention to detail top to bottom. Packaging is above and beyond allowing me to receive my table saw without a scratch on it.
Absolutely industrial quality where it's needed and then some. When I ripped 2 inch thick piece of red oak the saw easily cut through, no noticeable change in rpm. After completely setting up the saw, about 4 hours in all, I performed a 5 sided cut using a 24"×24"×.75" piece of plywood to check accuracy. On the 5th and final cut, I cut off a 1" strip and measured with a micrometer for equal thickness end to end. It stayed within. 001" thickness throughout. I would buy again.

M.R. (Tualatin, US)
Alpha table saw

Over all, this is truly a fine saw. Solid as a rock and powerful. Two issues that have risen. There is no place on the saw to store the wonderful crosscut tool. It is large and very well made but I am going to have to make a storage rack for it on my wall. Additionally, the attachment with the line to establish rip width won't lock and keeps moving. I am sure this can be replaced by the company although I haven't called them yet. So far their customer service has been excellent so I expect this will be solved rapidly with minimal stress.

W.S. (Adams, US)
Well made saw - I'd give it a 4.8

The table is flat. The action is smooth. The instructions were intuitive enough - although they don't cover every detail. Everything feels top quality. The only reason I wouldn't give it a full 5 stars is due to the blade guard. For the most part, it's designed really well. But it's missing one critical design feature that can make it bothersome to use: it doesn't pivot out of the way when not in use. If you're only making measured rips and cuts this isn't an issue. But if you're lining up any rips or cuts using the blade as your reference - something I do often - you'll have to remove the entire blade guard first because you won't have any access to it otherwise. I may alter the existing blade guard so that it will pivot up when installed for this purpose. Then lock back down with a pin other mechanism to keep it securely down during the cut. In the past, I've always removed the blade guard from my previous table saws, but I like most of the design elements of this one and really want over-the-blade dust collection. All of that being said, this is a great saw and the value makes it better than the leading table saw in this category, in my opinion.