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SHARK S-12S Universal Overhead Guard - Harvey Woodworking


Universal Overhead Guard

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D.C. (Charlotte, US)
Great for dust collection and safety

The SHARK S-12S is a sturdy and impressive tool that effectively reduces dust accumulation. Its swiveling feature and movable guard unit make it user-friendly, although the frame and wheel may limit visibility under the dust shroud. However, this is not a deal-breaker, as you can adjust to viewing from the side of the transparent shield. Speaking of the shield, it has saved me during one of my projects when a kickback occurred while cutting maple. The Shark S-12S took the brunt of it, and I wasn't injured. Upon close inspection, there was no noticeable damage to the Shark S-12S from the kickback.

I have an older 2hp dust collector that efficiently handles the dust produced by my table saw. However, I hope to upgrade to the Harvey GYRO AIR G-700 someday to complement the Shark S-12S system.

I also own a Harvey Alpha Table Saw equipped with a 32" INCRA TS-LS Rip Fence System. To mount the Shark S-12S onto the fence, I had to devise a secure and functional mounting solution that did not require drilling into the Incra. Fortunately, I found an alternative solution that did not compromise the integrity of the Incra.

Despite its limitations, the Shark S-12S is an excellent investment that outperforms the original dust guard. It reduces the amount of dust in the air and protects against kickbacks, making it a worthwhile purchase.