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This fence and rail system for the table saw is made of the finest materials and is enhanced with the most accurate engineering I have ever used on a table saw. Although it is expensive in the way of cash, if you use a tablesaw in order to rely on, accurate preparation of materials for important woodworking projects this and rail system is superior and worth every penny.

The Big-Eye fence is simply the best fence on the market!

Probably the best fence I have ever used.

It was back ordered so it took a while to arrive. But have it setup. Dust collection is great so far.

Freaking excellent quality. Way more than I needed. Fitted onto my SawStop with some modifications to the rails. Exceeded my expectations

Great saw and very good support.

Everything I’ve ever bought from Harvey Woodworking has been amazing in design, beauty and craftsmanship. I am loving having my router table built into my table saw! So far, I’ve bought the Fusion F-2 table saw, the full router table system and the Compass RG-2 Universal Roller Guide. It is all of fantastic quality. All I have left to get is the out-feed table, and the compass sliding table, and my dream saw will be complete! Everyone who has seen it has said it was the most beautiful saw they’ve ever seen; and I couldn’t agree more. Even the packaging is very luxurious, (for lack of a better word).
Still thinking about it? Stop! Just go buy one… you will not be disappointed! ☮️

This is my first dust extractor so I don’t have anything to really compare it to. I will say though it is much quieter than I assumed it would be and the airflow when hooked to my table saw or router station allows me to keep a very clean work area.

Have used for only a couple of cuts this far but I am very happy with my purchase. I will add that once assembled and check for square it seems to be spot on. No more excuses..😂

Have not used it much yet but it seems to work very well. The installation is fairly simple but it could definitely use a solution for fine adjustments for positioning up and down relative to the table edge. So far ver pleased.

Game changer for my 80's era UniSaw

I've been using my Big Eye B-52 rip fence for a couple of months now. Fence deflection can kill accuracy and increase the probability of dangerous kick back. The rock solid stability of the locking mechanism on the B-52 Big Eye completely eliminates the rip fence deflection I had been fighting for years with my UniFence system, and it has added tremendously to the accuracy and safety of my 1980's era Delta UniSaw. Setup took me about a day and a half due to the addition of a torsion box table to the right of the saw. The set up for the parallelism of the fence to the blade can be a little fiddly, but once it's locked in it isn't moving. I love the zero adjustment on the rip scale. You can easily reset it for each different blade for the ultimate in accuracy. The cursor is extremely easy to line up and easy to read. The fence glides smoothly but I do keep an air hose handy to blow sawdust out of the track where the rollers run, and I wipe down the steel guides regularly. If sawdust debris builds up on the rollers they won't run as smoothly, but cleaning is easy and infrequent if you keep the track cleared out. Another fantastic feature is the ability to lock the fence without it moving left or right from where you've set it. That eliminates a lot of frustration during setups and once again, increases accuracy. The flip stops are also handy, and I'm still finding new uses for them. I would like to find out what type of aluminum extrusion I can purchase that will directly replace the High Low fence. I'd like to make an extra long fence just for use when I want to rip a full 8' sheet of plywood. Any suggestion in that area would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to years of use from this fence, and it has made woodworking fun again! Thanks for such a well made product!

ZC-10 Zero Clearance Insert

Love the router table system

Upgraded from wood top table to Harvey's router system. Many new features. Easy to use and fun.

Versatile fence

Upgraded to Big Eye fence. Already used many features. Very accurate and versatile. Happy I upgraded.

A big help!

Adds the ability to cuts large sheets where before I had to call in a friend for help. Love it.

Great tablesaw!

Love the accuracy of the fence and miter.

Great saw

I finally upgraded from my old Sears 113 table saw. This saw is awesome and a beast. Cuts through hardwoods like butter/

Everything is staying in the boxes until the new shop is ready, can't wait!

b.w. (Long Beach, US)
The best thing since sliced bread

The first thing I do when anyone comes in my workshop is show of the big eye system. The glide and precision is unbelievable!

ZC-10 Zero Clearance Insert
b.w. (Long Beach, US)
A must have addition to the saw.

A must have addition to the saw. Small pieces can slip through the gaps and this just makes it safer!

I love my new saw ! It a great product.

Excellent power and quality. I haven't had the saw long, and I'm still making minor adjustments to the saw, but I'm going to chalk that up to this being the first time I've set up a cabinet saw from new. I've been getting by with a jobsite saw for the last 10 years, so this is nothing but an improvement. I was pleasantly surprised to see a dado plate included with the saw, although all three plates I have for the saw needed to be adjusted for side to side movement. Tape would work, but I used a pin punch to dimple the metal in a few places, which tightened up the tolerances.

Harvey really needs to rewrite their instruction manuals, and I know I'm not the first person to mention it. There were several places where I felt like I was assembling a large, powerful and expensive piece of dangerous equipment without complete information on how that should be done.

It's Harvey-tacular!